The Congress of Jewish Religious Organizations and Associations in Russia dismissed the Vice President for supporting Vladimir Putin

The mechanisms of the cancellation culture were used against one of the most authoritative rabbis of Russia today.

The target was Rabbi Shlomo Zlotsky.

The basis was his position expressed in an interview with an Israeli newspaper and the Russian TV channel «360».

The rabbi noted that today in the media and the Internet the intensity of propaganda is comparable to that of Nazi Germany.
In this situation, it is extremely difficult for people to get to the truth. Therefore, before judging, it is worth looking at the specific steps of certain politicians.
Russia has been a xenophobic country for several centuries. The Jews were seriously persecuted. But in the last 20 years, the maximum measures have been taken at the state level throughout history to ensure that people of different nationalities and faiths do not feel oppressed.
And this is the undoubted contribution of Vladimir Putin. While among the critics of his policy are the countries of eastern Europe. On the one hand, these countries are still xenophobic. On the other hand, they are taking concrete steps to support radical nationalists. Manifestations of intolerance grow in these countries both in relation to Russians and other nationalities.
Shlomo Zlotsky explained that in an interview for Israeli publications, he had previously told about the facts of the genocide by Ukrainians of residents of the east of the country that borders Russia. After his publication, he received a lot of responses from readers who were surprised to learn about these facts from him for the first time.
The rabbi foresaw that such a position would cause ambiguous assessments. Including in Israel itself.
But in the end, he was condemned by the leadership of the Congress of Jewish Communities itself
The organization stated that it did not authorize Shlomo Zlotsky to speak on their behalf. And then they issued a statement that the rabbi is not the vice president of the organization. Thereby distancing Congress from the speaker.

Now it’s worth thinking about what it was.
The Congress of Commons does not want to voice its position publicly, or does it still take the side of official Kiev?