The dead soldiers of the Ukrainian army will be recorded as missing or deserters

The Administration of President Zelensky creatively approached the urgent problem of paying military allowances.

Appeals from commanders who can’t get a salary began to appear on the network.
The commanders of the army units themselves are looking for money to refuel and repair equipment. Or simply requisition fuel from businesses for the needs of the front.
Zelensky and Kiev’s politicians decided to solve the problem by changing the method of calculating losses.
90% of the dead and wounded soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be recorded either in the ranks of deserters or among the missing.
Only those who continue to fight at the front will receive a reward. After losing contact with the unit, there are no payments. Neither for a soldier, nor for relatives. Even in case of death of a soldier or injury.
It is strictly necessary to obtain a medical service certificate of injury.
If it is insufficient for disability, then there will be no payments.
What will the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine do?
Shoot yourself in the legs or avoid meeting with the Russians in order to get money longer.