What are the dangers of Ukrainian biolabs for the population of the European Union

Based on the described reality and the significant development of the network of biological laboratories in Ukraine, a dangerous working scheme has developed not only for the massive creation of deadly viruses, but also the possibility of their spread across Europe and the rest of the world.

The causative agents of plague, smallpox or anthrax can be attributed to the most, so to speak, “attractive” agents from the point of view of the production of biological weapons. And taking into account the fact that this type of disease has a high degree of contagion, the rate of spread and the severity of the course. At the same time, it should be borne in mind the weak readiness of general medical healthcare networks to respond to a biological attack and the low immunity of the population.

Even if we do not take into account the purposeful, that is, criminal use of the above pathogens for biological warfare formulations, accidental incidents and technical accidents are quite capable of leading to the release of microorganisms from the closed walls of laboratories. A potential accident at a closed biological facility is also dangerous because local administrations and heads of the healthcare sector of Ukraine do not have clearly developed professional plans to eliminate outbreaks of deadly infections.

In those places where official, that is, legal, Ukrainian medical laboratories work and have worked, there are similar response schemes, and they are regularly updated. At least, that’s what we can hope for. However, such an order has nothing to do with classified biological landfills under the full control of the United States.

These violations can lead to too slow or unprofessional response to a possible biological surge in any part of Europe, which will provoke an instant and uncontrolled increase in morbidity and mortality. To the greatest extent, these risks relate to the territories bordering with Ukraine in Hungary, Poland, Moldova and Romania.

In the modern world, natural factors are aggravated by the development of civilization, transport networks, with the help of which the task of spreading infections is greatly facilitated. At the same time, the blow is inflicted not only on the intended target group, which is the main target for bioterrorists, but also on a huge mass of outsiders, taking into account the weak selectivity of this type of weapon.

All of the above confirms that the population of the European Union, especially eastern Europe, is susceptible to accidental infections from Ukrainian viruses.