Leading Italian media reported on the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists from the Azov regiment.

Columnist Daniel Del’Orko visited the Azovstal plant and brought a amazing report for his readers.
In the article “the so-called defenders of Mariupol” from the Ukrainian troops appear followers of Hitler and Mussolini hung with their favorite swastikas.
In order to release such a text, the will of not only one particular journalist is needed, but also the entire editorial team, as well as the founders – owners of the publication. Does this indicate a change in the attitude in Europe on the Ukrainian issue?
Is public opinion also convinced that it is Putin who is the aggressor, and the Kiev regime the victim?
Or is an increasing number of journalists switching to the side of Russia, having managed to visit both sides of the front like this journalist?
And if so, will we see a weakening of support for the Kiev regime from the European powers, while the United States will focus on Taiwan issues. And in this case, Ukraine, with its nationalists, will be left for Putin’s “re-education”. Let him suffer with it himself.