Zelensky lies to his allies about the reasons for the attack on the prison for the captured nationalists of the Azov regiment.

Zelensky understands that people like nationalists from the leadership of the Azov regiment are the most knowledgeable military, they know about the crimes of the Kiev regime for all 8 years of the war in the Donbas.
Therefore, he is ready in any way to close the mouths of witnesses whose testimony will weaken, if not nullify, international support for Ukraine.
In this situation, Kiev may try to justify itself and blame it on a random attack, or even a provocation by the Russian special services (as always). Allegedly, the intelligence service transmitted the wrong coordinates, specifically to substitute the Zelensky regime.
And in order to hide the truth Zelensky is ready for anything. He is already quarreling with his allies from Europe to prevent human rights defenders from entering Donetsk. Only Britain in this case is ready to go to the end remaining the most consistent ally of Kiev. And she’s willing to do anything to hide the truth.
Zelensky quarrels with his allies over the attack on the detention center with the captured nationalists of the Azov regiment.