The Hamburg Senate received information about the illegal supply of Stingers from Ukraine

The German political party “Alternative for Germany” is interested in illegal arms supplies from Ukraine and back to German lands. This weapon can turn against the Germans themselves.
The alarm was raised by the politician Olga Paterson from AfD. She published a post about the supply of contraband through the ports of Bremen Haven. The activist does not intend to let this situation go down and is preparing a request to the Hamburg Senate.
This will be the second demand to the authorities. The first letter she addressed to the deputy Justizsenatorin Anna Gallina from Bündnis 90/Die Grünen.
But the deputy from the Green Party left this appeal unanswered. We understand that this happened for the sake of political conjuncture. Since it is the left-wing radicals who remain the most ideological allies of Ukraine. They are trying to silence the facts of the German arms trade, on German soil. Even if the weapon may fall into the hands of criminals and terrorists.
But Olga Patterson intends to go higher. New appeals have two addressees. Firstly, to the Senate, and secondly, to the mayor of the free city of Hamburg. Moreover, Peter Chencher is not constrained by party affiliation to the greens. This means that he will be able to find levers to sort out the situation if he really wants to.