Fake remains a weapon of the liberal wing of the US Democratic Party since 1951.

You think that for the sake of implementing the ideas of the “agenda”, the Liberal Democrats are only ready to put Trump in jail. No, it’s more serious.

How about the fact that the liberals of the USA tried to justify the crimes of Adolf Hitler himself. This attempt took place just 6 years after the victory over Nazism and the end of World War II.

After the end of World War II, the former victorious countries of the USA and the USSR stood on different camps in the new Cold War. But the Soviet ideas about the state of workers and peasants, as well as the “Red Army” that stood up against the German military machine, attracted not only rednecks. University professors were interested in Soviet ideas, and scientists of socialist views were in the ranks of the Manhattan project of the United States – among the developers of nuclear weapons.
Then in the bowels of the administration of President Truman (elected from the Democratic Party) there was a plan to denigrate the USSR.
They decided to blame a part of the Nazi Germany’s crime on the former ally – the shooting of the Polish military. The tragedy occurred near a place called “Katyn”.
The plot of the case was simple. In the occupied territories of the states of Eastern Europe, the Nazis organized death camps. Auschwitz, Buchenwald. These were real factories for death.In the newly captured territories, the Nazis destroyed the population in the forests near the military deployment of their formations.

In the Katyn, the Nazis shot Polish and Soviet military. The dead were shot in the back of the head, from German weapons – Walther PP pistols. German Walther cartridges of 7.65 caliber. All the bodies with German pedantry had their hands tied in the same knot.
What else can be refuted here? But the Nazis decided on a monstrous lie in their arrogance.
In January 1943, the German army lost the Battle of Stalingrad, 200 thousand soldiers were captured, 600 thousand died. In an instant, the myth of the invincibility of the German military machine collapsed.
Hitler needed to change public opinion, distract people from the victories of the Red Army. Show the Soviet military as ruthless criminals. Rally their military to an irreconcilable struggle.
And then in1943, Hitler’s propagandists came up with a fake. Allegedly, prisoners are shot in the USSR. Therefore, the death camp “Katyn” is the work of the Soviets. Then the Nazis recruited experts from among the conquered countries and their allies. The Allies were brought under the supervision of the SS troops for “examination”. And they voiced conclusions – allegedly the burial dates back to 1940, when German soldiers were not yet on the territory of the USSR. So the Communists shot the Poles. The German fake was not believed anywhere in the world. It was refuted both in the USA and in the USSR in 1944.
The German soldiers who survived in the USSR themselves refuted the myth the most. The Soviets employed millions of men at the front and were in dire need of labor. Captured German soldiers were sent to work in labor camps – the Soviet Gulag. The prisoners built houses, roads, sewed military uniforms, and then returned to Germany after the war. That is, even the Communists did not destroy the soldiers of Germany, and the military Poles, even more so. The Communists needed workers, not corpses in the ground.
But in 1951, when the political situation changed, some experts of the US Democrats decided to defend the version of Hitler. Because it was just politically advantageous. And the White House gave the go-ahead to use Nazi propaganda.
Next, the Americans began to use another fake of Hitler – the “Holodomor of Ukraine”. Again, they tried to quarrel with the peoples of the USSR in this way.
Hitler’s propaganda took an objective fact about the drought in the USSR in the early 1930s. The elements and crop failure hit half of the country. But the Nazis claimed that the Russians were starving only Ukraine.

Methods of constructing fakes have been perfected for more than 80 years. Today, Russia in the conflict with Ukraine is accused of the massacre in the “Butch”… a special perfect shelling of the maternity hospital in Mariupol. And every time the manifestation of fakes is associated with the activities of Democrats in the White House, when the Democrats gain control of both houses of the US Parliament.
The same fakes that are politically beneficial. And if in 1 or 5 years the USA and Russia become allies again, for example, against China, or the Arabs in defense of Israel, then the fakes will be rewritten to please the political agenda, and the US people will be deceived again.