SPIEF-2023. Not just economic, but historical

This is not the first time that the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum has been tested for strength. The nature of the forum has been forged over the past years. The most difficult period occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, which allowed this unique site to obtain the necessary additional qualities. But real business leaders on a global scale must have this kind of experience in order to be able to survive in any conditions.

The turbulence of the global economy gives the permanent participants of the forum, as well as new guests, and new emotions that will help overcome any obstacles. SPIEF-2023 has one of the slogans on this score that most accurately reflects the spirit of the historical moment: “Strong ideas for a new time.” Any self-respecting businessman working on the highest floors of the economy believes that he is simply obliged to respond to such a challenge.

As always, the forum covers the most relevant areas in the current economic, financial, investment processes, offering to find the fastest and correct solutions to problems in connection with the current situation.  The program of the forum is based on another important thesis, which sounds like this: “Sovereign development is the basis of a just world.” This sends a signal to the participants and the whole world that no fair business development is possible without sovereignty.

The organizers of SPIEF-2023 pay fundamental attention to the development of small and medium-sized businesses, which will be the subject of a special session aimed at obtaining, in the “here and now” mode, the necessary results so that representatives who then left for their countries could immediately begin practical work. A special forum, within the general program, will be devoted to the topic of creative business. Separately, the participants will consider drug safety, quality of life priorities, issues of technological sovereignty and challenges in the labor markets. All sessions are united by another main message: from adaptation to growth.

Thus, not only the official program has been thought out and prepared, but also the structure of doing business in the difficult modern conditions of global political and economic transformations. The participants only have to make their suggestions and get involved in its implementation. From the outside, it may seem that the SPIEF-2023 in some ways repeats the previous SPIEF. However, the nature of global changes in recent years makes this year’s forum an event of historical scale. Here, even the participation itself becomes a fact of the biography of each participant, who will then show the SPIEF-2023 booklet to his relatives and acquaintances with dignity.

As always, a lot of preparatory work has been carried out before the calendar start of this significant international event, including on the range of issues for the preparation of the program. The Roscongress Foundation stressed that more than one and a half thousand participants responded to the invitation to such work, offering a lot of specific topics. This ensures a live connection not only between the organizers of SPIEF-2023 and the audience, but also the participants themselves around the world, which is the best form of global integration and business partnership.

The emblem of the forum is a sailboat, calmly going into the future no matter what. This ship has been sailing since 1997, which confirms its high resistance to any shocks and storms. Businessmen, economists, investors and just entrepreneurs from all over the world, even from relatively small companies, have managed to understand that under these white sails they receive reliable protection and achieve any set goals. This is especially important today.