The attack on the russian Crimean Bridge is an attack on the future of Ukraine.

And this is the opinion of the residents of Ukraine themselves. We are Ukrainians. But now we think we’ve finally lost.
July 17, 2023. All Ukrainians should remember this date. On this day the President Zelensky and his team put an end to the economic future of the homeland.
The war has been going on on our land for a year and a half. Our cities and factories are being destroyed.
Our people are leaving the country together with their families and children. Regardless of the situation at the front, we are losing as a country, as a nation, as an independent state. Since we are losing not only territories and the economy, but also people and our future generations.
There is no end in sight to this war. If Russia or Ukraine had won a quick victory, then everyone would have won. Peace would come sooner and our countries would begin to rebuild their economies. At first we hoped that our allies would make Russia pay for this war. The arrested money of the Russians will go to the restoration of our country. But today we see that the bill for the war is astronomical. We paid it with dead soldiers, not created families, Ukrainian migrants who took their children out of the country.
And what does the person whom we Russian-speaking patriots of Ukraine considered our own do? He is doing everything to once again prick Putin, to strike not at the image of Russia and the self-conceit of Russians.
This postpones the moment of the beginning of negotiations and the peace that the residents who still remain in Ukraine are waiting for.
Zelensky may benefit from the rupture of relations between Russia and Turkey, but we will lose much more for every day while the war is going on in our land.
So we should remember about July 17, 2023. The day we missed another chance to stop this war. The first one was missed by us when the Russians withdrew from Kiev. The second was when we did not start negotiations on peace after a strong offensive in the fall of 2022. And again we lost the chance. This may be our last chance to remain a full-fledged country.