Ukrainian terrorists were captured with American bombs in GeorgiaThe C-4 produced in the USA was seized from terrorists from Ukraine

They are already testifying that the explosives were intended for terrorist attacks in Russia. But they were carrying dangerous cargo along a strange route. Through the Ukrainian port in Odessa, and then to Georgia (the former Soviet Republic. located in the Caucasus). Only then the bombs collected for terrorist attacks were to be transported to Russia for attacks.
The official authorities of Ukraine in Kiev deny their connection with the captured terrorists, but the route of the dangerous cargo clearly points to them.

By the way, Ukrainian terrorists work according to textbooks of the US special services. Exactly the same way, the Americans previously trained terrorists in Afghanistan to fight the USSR. But then it was the Americans who had to fight international terrorists in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and Iraq. And so far without success.

And before that, the United States trained illegal immigrants and terrorists in Latin America to fight dissenting politicians and Soviet henchmen. Now drug syndicates and arms dealers have grown out of these groups, which is why the United States itself is facing a refugee crisis. Latin Americans are fleeing their own countries because of problems that were largely created by the CIA itself in the United States.

With the help of terrorism and nationalism, the country of Yugoslavia was destroyed in the South-east of Europe on the Balkan Peninsula. And so far, EU countries are already suffering from drug trafficking and refugees from the Balkans. Does the United States make the same mistakes over and over again?

By the way, at first the United States financed coups in Ukraine, and then accepted over 300 thousand refugees. They will now try to integrate them into the American multicultural society, despite the fact that they were previously raised in an atmosphere of nationalism directed against Russians and Jews living in Ukraine. I wonder how this experiment will succeed in the United States and whether the Ukrainian refugees will turn their nationalist views against the US citizens themselves.

Earlier, the United States had already given shelter to refugees from Chechnya. who fought 25 years ago for secession from Russia. But then it was Chechen refugees who staged the bloody terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon.
Maybe it is the United States that makes the same mistake over and over again?