Where there is more democracy – in Ukraine or in Russia?

To whom the war is, and to whom the mother is dear. The president of the Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy should probably subconsciously repeat every day. As, obviously, for this man who day by day grows richer and gets new levers of power in the state that has backed itself in the corner and is about to fall apart, there is no other way to save himself.

The presidential elections in Ukraine and, more precisely, its cancellation is a case in point. For one more term, until the next president, until the next Euromaidan. What will happen to people? How many of them will die on both sides of Americano-Slavic conflict? Obviously, an ex-comic Zelenskyy doesn’t worry about it. For him, to save himself is vital. Price doesn’t matter. Price paid by millions. Millions of people, millions of ruined lives.


With all his artistry, it is evident that Zelenskyy can’t hide his fear. From the point of view of policy, because the elections that had to be held on March, 31, 2024 are cancelled. From a human prospective, all is in his eyes: he realizes that nobody needs him. To save his pity life, he is about to commit the crime against humanity – to kill thousands of people, to ask for the weapon that he uses against civilians. Is this not an agony?



After having been deprived off the democratic elections, the Ukrainians was taken as hostage. Zelenskyy will never save his people and nothing will help him. The most important is that nobody is interested in him. If tomorrow he disappears from international media screens, he will fade into oblivion. That is why he is looking for unlimited power.


Several days ago, the Ukrainian border service adopted a law which forbade to all men aged 18 to 60 to approach the border with Moldova and Romania more than 5 kilometers. The measure is taken amid the increase in illegal crossing of the state border to not to get on the front. Democracy in action, isn’t it? How could we talk about elections while people are forcibly mobilized? Meanwhile, Russians can freely fly abroad for holidays.



Meanwhile, according to the media, everything should be the other way around. Western political experts are confident that nowhere but in Russia, where the president has already been in power for more than 20 years, it is time to doubt the credibility of the election. But what can we see? The elections of the President of Russia are proceeding according to the plan of the Election Commission of the Russian Federation. Neither the special military operation nor natural disasters have changed the plan of the campaign. All the parties of the country are represented in the election.

It is worth noting that United Russia, which was the flagship of the president in the last elections, is not particularly glowing. At the same time, the opposition parties, which are weaker in terms of the electorate, freely place their campaigning.


Why didn’t Putin, whom the whole world turned against, cancel the elections? If he had done so, then again from the point of view of the West, for whom Russia acts as a totalitarian state, it would have been justified. Moreover, the citizens of the Russian Federation would certainly have made such a decision. After all, there are enemies around, there is no time for elections… Don’t change horses in the middle of a stream. No, the Kremlin has decided to hold elections. What is it? Is it a political risk or a deliberate decision?


Both are possible. A week ago, Zelenskyy and Putin held press conferences close in time. The first was watched by several thousand people, the second by more than 50 million. The main comedian of Ukraine asked for money and missiles. Putin explained why Russia lives and develops contrary to the forecast of Western political forecasters. He spoke simply and clearly. He was telling the truth. Where does power lie? Maybe in the truth?