Provocative videos and photos from Bucha, in Kiev region

Provocative videos and photos from Bucha, in Kiev region, with civilians supposedly killed by the Russian military could have been the topic of discussion at a UN Security Council emergency meeting. Russia demanded it. But it was clear to the West that at this meeting, Russia would point out obvious inconsistencies and even outright blunders in the “evidence” made public by Ukraine. So the UK, currently presiding in the UN Security Council, withheld consent to holding a Security Council meeting on the situation in Bucha. After all, it would then have to be officially recognized: the West is not helping the people of Ukraine, but Nazis. Cruel nonhumans who are ready to organize dances on the bones of the fallen. For whom there is nothing sacred, even the lives of their own peaceful fellow citizens ultimately become only a tool for creating fakes.

Yes, the Ukrainian and Western media tried very hard to present the news about Bucha as dictated to them “from above”. But there is an apt Russian proverb: you cannot put a scarf on every mouth. Now the Internet is already full of publications and streams exposing videos and photographs from Bucha. Bloggers, social activists, journalists and experts not only from Russia, but also from other countries – China, Israel and the USA – are talking about these fakes. If we summarize all the facts that the Russian military has nothing to do with the killings of civilians in Bucha, these fakes will come tumbling down. So, let’s go over the details.

It is well known that the Russian military left the city of Bucha on March 30. The next day, the mayor of Bucha, Anatoly Fedoruk, stressed in a video message that there were no more Russian servicemen in the city. Fedorchuk did not say a word about Russians allegedly leaving executed inhabitants with their hands tied on the streets. And no one in a small town of only 37,000 inhabitants “noticed” either these corpses or the smell of decomposition for 4 days. Only on April 3, Fedoruk suddenly “came to his senses” and stated that after the Ukrainian army entered the city “280 people were buried in mass graves” (!).

For some reason, no one captured how these mass graves came to be. But Ukraine showed footage with the bodies of people in civilian clothes lying along the road and in yards, including people with their hands tied.

Everyone who is at least somewhat versed in anatomy immediately noted that after four days the bodies were not stiff, they did not have characteristic cadaveric spots, unclotted blood was noticed in the wounds, and the white bandages on their clothes were so clean – no blood, no dirt and no traces of a struggle – as if they had just been tied up right before being shot.

By the way, white armbands on the shoulders in Ukraine are used by Russian military and civilians who want to show that they are not Ukrainian military or fighters of local defense units. If in the photos and videos they really were killed, then it is strange that it was the people with white armbands, i.e., pro-Russian ones, who became victims of the Russian troops. It is more logical to assume that they were killed during the “cleansing operation”, which was mentioned on April 2 by the National Police of Ukraine.

But these aren’t even the main inconsistencies. In a video filmed on a street in Bucha from a car following Ukrainian military equipment, at least two of the “killed” for some reason did not wait to be told filming was over. The frame clearly shows how one of the “corpses” on the side of the road moves his hand – either he’s greeting the column of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, or he’s removing his hand from harm’s way so that they don’t drive over it. The second “dead person” gets up shortly after the car with the cameraman drives past him. Apparently, he forgot about the existence of rear-view mirrors. If anyone didn’t see this “blooper” because of the low quality of the video, watch it again in slow motion.

Of course, it’s not ethical to joke about the dead, but since everyone is alive there, then we can. So there is already a joke about this topic: “Why do corpses move in Bucha?” – “Because heroes don’t die!”

The “hero” Zelensky, who continues to harp on in the West about Russian-sponsored genocide, also suffers from memory failure. He, like the propaganda media, is also trying very hard to save his face in a bad game, but he forgets that not everyone has been banned on Google yet. Zelensky’s “politically incorrect blunders” during interviews, where he openly justifies the actions of Nazis are of course cut out. But they remain with users in the recordings of live broadcasts. Such a misfortune happened, for example, with Zelensky’s interview for Fox News. When Fox News Host Bret Baier asked the President of Ukraine about the torture practiced by the Azov Regiment, he replied: “They are what they are. They are part of the army.” This fragment was cut from the final interview on YouTube, but survived from the live broadcast.

Anyway, thanks to the Bucha fakes, the Ukrainian authorities realized that neither they nor the West, of course, want to participate in a “debriefing” with Russia’s participation. So there’s not going to be any Security Council meeting. That would show the whole world who they really are.