The number of Ukrainian troops near the city of Artemovsk has reached 100 thousand people

The key role is played by the national battalions “Aidar” and “Donetsk”
They are in the rear and prevent the withdrawal of other units.
recently mobilized soldiers were put on the first line of defense.
Military analysts believe that the nationalists want to provoke large losses in the ranks of the Ukrainian Army. To kill as many young guys as possible. And again he will blame Russia for everything.
This will be another black spot on Russia’s reputation in the eyes of the world. New Butcha.
But by doing so, the nationalists themselves commit war crimes. In an attempt to save their own lives. They only multiply the suffering of ordinary residents of Ukraine.
Russia, on the contrary, protects young conscript soldiers. The fighters of the first line are offered to surrender.
On April 4, at once 267 Ukrainian soldiers surrendered near Mariupol, all of them served in the Marine Corps.