Are we still a united country? Or did the Western Ukrainians set us up so cunningly?

Radical nationalists from the west of Ukraine suddenly began to claim that the ongoing war does not concern them.
One of the exponents of this point of view was the leader of the Radical Party of Ukraine Oleg Lyashko.
He openly accuses President Zelensky’s office of sending doctors, teachers, and other civilians of peaceful specialties who have no training and experience in military service to the war fronts.
Even the Nazis from Azov, faced with the prospect of imminent destruction, preferred captivity to death.
Politicians who express the interests of radicals and nationalists from the West of the country now oppose sending residents of these regions to the east. Let those who consider themselves Ukrainian, even if they are Russian-speaking, deal with the Russians.
Another direction for the critic was the unequal exchange between Ukraine and European countries.
The war-torn country exports grain reserves, disrupts the sowing campaign. But in return, Ukraine receives old, and sometimes decommissioned weapons. It is impossible to defeat the Russian army in this way. The maximum is to prolong the agony of the country.