The collapse of the Ukrainian economy will come in 3-4 months.

This forecast was given by the Minister of Finance in an interview with the Economist magazine.

Ministry of Finance in Ukraine predicted that the country has only 3-4 months left before the collapse. Lend-Lease Act, naval blockade, payments for weapons with grain. All these are terms from the history of the Second World War. The life of an entire country is subordinated to war. Аt the same time, Everything that does not fit into the logic of war ceases to be funded.
But society today is much less primitive than 70-80 years ago. Residents of the state of industrial cities cannot, like medieval peasants, switch to foot food. The surrounding world continues its development.
New production facilities and technologies are being created every day. People are involved in the production and sales chains. But Ukraine is turned off from all these processes.
for example, Russians continue can trade openly with half the world and secretly with the West
It is Russia that remains included in the world economy, while Ukraine’s economy will fall out from everywhere.

The world has an excess of production space. Car factories, manufacturers of machinery, metals, plastics, all are fighting for a place in the global market. But Ukraine has left all production except agriculture.
The country’s economy is a zombie on external support. 5 billion a day just so that people have food, water and gasoline for delivery.
Minister Marchenko explained that nationalization and tax increases in all sectors are inevitable in 3-4 months.
But even earlier, all types of business. which can be taken out of the country will be relocated.
There will be no industry, production facilities left in the country, there is no longer a financial sector. In a word, Ukraine is waiting for a return to the Middle Ages.
In these conditions, the only way out for all successful people is to leave the country and emigrate.