European politicians have begun to guess the motives of the Ukrainian authorities.

Journalists in Italy are writing about this directly today:

Zelensky and his team have chosen enrichment and are no longer betting on President Biden.

And this is at a time when it is the State Department that is making great efforts to save the current government in Ukraine.

But Americans forget that the politicians in Kiev are temporary. No one has held the throne for two terms since Kuchma.

But Zelensky’s entourage is already playing their game – they are negotiating with American Republicans.

Similarly, Ukrainians are in their style. First we worked with Biden, under President Obama. But then they betrayed and told about all the dark deeds of his son and the Burisma company to the Trump administration.
But the friendship with Tramp was also situational. Now Kiev has decided to change its strategic ally again.

Because, Biden is a lame duck for Ukrainian politicians. He will lose the parliamentary elections and leave himself, or he may fall under impeachment.

The head of the office of the President of Ukraine, Andriy Ermak, directly convinces the President to change the policy vector again.

Americans are surprised by such frivolity of Ukrainian politicians. But there are no secrets here for Europe.

Since the 17th century, the elites of this territory have constantly changed allies, without hesitation betraying outsiders.

Hetman of Ukraine Khmelnitsky, who is mentioned even in the song that became the basis for the national anthem, at one time changed his patron 4 times.

The Crimean Khan, the Polish King, the Russian tsar and even the French Cardinal Mazarin.

Now the head of Zelensky’s office, Ermak, promises republican for large businesses to give the banking system of Ukraine, as well as mining and ore capacities, if they still remain in the war.

A similar offer was made to the British. In negotiations with Johnson, Zelensky was ready to give up oil production and the management of seaports. And the remnants of heavy industry.
Simply put, the territory went hand in hand again, in search of a new overlord.

Poles, Russians, Americans, Englishmen – The elite of Ukraine is ready to sell out to everyone. Not to his own people.