What’s wrong with Russia’s international isolation?

Next week, on June 15, Russians in St. Petersburg will hold the SPIEF for the 25th time.
136 foreign journalists showed up at the forum. North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Pacific region. Most of the world, including opponents in the international arena, will arrive in Russia.
The UAE, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Canada, China, France, India, Venezuela, Cuba, and even the USA and Taiwan send their business missions.
And what is the point of going to the country for an expensive economic forum if you are not going to have a business in this country. If you don’t want to make money here. Invest your investments, and then get a return on capital.
We are not economists and entrepreneurs from all over the world, we just ask these people a question. So do you believe in sanctions against Russia? Do you believe that their economy is torn to shreds, as Presidents Obama and now Biden promised? Or is the American establishment wrong again?