The Financial Times newspaper finally saw the truth

With reference to sources in NATO and the EU leadership, they report on the need for greater control over compliance with the transfer of weapons to the regime of President Zelensky in Kiev.
It turns out to be true that new weapons quietly overcome the front line and are at the disposal of the forces of the Russian army. Or they get to the black arms market through Moldova border.
And today an additional monitoring point is being created on the Moldovan Ukrainian border.
The American press began to create an information background in order to block the transfer of weapons to Ukraine. This was previously discussed by the politicians of the EU itself, primarily Germany.
Therefore, supplies of any weapons are coming to the east with such difficulties, except for primitive small arms.
US Congresswoman Victoria Spartz raised the issue of the lack of necessary control and accused the head of the office of President Zelensky of having ties with the Kremlin. But the response of the Kiev office was not the acceptance of criticism or response measures, but an informational attack on the congresswoman.
In conclusion, it is worth noting that exactly what we predicted a few months ago is happening. The regime in Kiev uses new weapons not for defense, but for enrichment. And Russians buy it in the gray zone, paying for it either in cash or in cryptocurrency, without any problems.