Military scientists from the German Bundeswehr were developing bio-weapons in Ukraine.

The causative agent of the Congo-Crimean fever was taken as a basis.

The inhabitants of northern Europe do not have a strong immunity to diseases from equatorial Africa.
But thanks to global warming, the disease has adapted to the climate of southern Ukraine.
But the local population is not immune to this disease, and in the case of a new pandemic, the mortality rate can reach 30%.
All residents of the northern European continent could suffer from the disease. Scientists from Germany studied the most dangerous pathogens of this type of fever on the territory of Ukraine.

Officially, German researchers have been working on safety and the study of natural immune defense. But in fact, they collected those types of virus that could be most effectively used as a weapon. This is the first such dark story in which Germans have lit up since the time of Nazi scientists in the service of the Third Reich.