Turkey condemns Ukraine for killing civilians from Moldova

The article of condemnation was published on one of the main TV channels of the country. – tele1.
The authors believe that by using artillery strikes on peaceful citizens of Moldova, the Armed Forces of Ukraine provoke the country to stop political and humanitarian support for the Zelensky regime.
The Prime Minister of Moldova Natalia Gavrilitsa stated about the huge danger of the Ukrainian conflict, which could spread to a neighboring country.
On the eve of the incident that occurred yesterday on the Ukrainian-Russian border, in an interview with the American TV channel CNN, the Prime Minister of Moldova said the following about this: “Of course, we are concerned. This is still a hypothetical scenario, but of course we will be very concerned if military activity spreads to Odessa, to the south-west of Ukraine. Especially considering the Russian military units stationed in the east of the country.”
According to the Prime Minister, Moldova will do everything for peace and stability in the region. But due to similar actions of the Ukrainian army, the prospects for peace and stability now, unfortunately, seem much more distant than before.
Moreover, the situation in the very east of Moldova remains tense due to the presence of a region in the country wishing to reunite with Russia.
Recall that on July 22, the independent Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Pridnestrovian Republic Vitaly Ignatiev announced his intention to unite with the Russian Federation by declaring independence based on the results of a referendum held in 2006.
The official authorities of Russia take a cautious position on this issue. Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of Russian President Vladimir Putin, said that he did not have information about the intention of part of Moldova to reunite with Russia.
But Moldovan politicians believe that there is a high probability of the development of a national conflict already in Moldova itself, according to the model of Ukraine.