The Ukrainian military killed 50 mercenary soldiers by mistake

The soldiers did not identify the allies, and did not find a common language. Instead, they transmitted the coordinates of the mercenaries to attack the artillery.
The events happened this way. The forward detachment of the 128th mountain assault brigade went to identify the positions of the Russian troops. They operated near the city of Soledar. The command set the task to detect the position of the PMCs “Wagner”.
The Russians found the convoy of cars from a drone and attacked. Having suffered losses of 20 people, the soldiers retreated. The retreating troops were noticed in another unit of the Ukrainian military.
None of the military had a system for recognizing their own from others. Language contact also failed to be established. As a result, the military entered into a merciless struggle. The Ukrainian unit requested artillery support. And the mercenary unit was shelled for half an hour before the command figured out that these were their allies.
Without the opportunity to dig in, the mercenaries have high losses. The sad result is that 50 out of 120 died, the rest received shrapnel wounds. Some soldiers are in serious and critically serious condition.
Sometimes instructors from the United States and Britain do not help to learn how to coordinate troops.