Czech thieves stole tanks in Africa.

Morocco sent its armored vehicles for modernization, but did not receive them back. The Soviet T-72s will not be returned back, but will be sent to the war in Ukraine.

New risks have appeared for those countries that decide to modernize their old weapons in one of the NATO member countries.

You can sign a contract, pay for the work. But instead of the upgraded equipment promised to you, you will receive only lengthy promises. What can I do? According to the Czech authorities, Ukraine is more important now.

Moreover, Morocco has not completed the military conflict with Algeria. And this is an extra obstacle for gas supplies to Europe. The fact that Morocco can now concede in its own confrontation does not greatly concern European bureaucrats.

It is much more important that all new tanks arrive in the fields of Ukraine, and it is warmer in the homes of the Europeans themselves.

Wait. What about the inviolability of private property? That’s just not necessary to tell this tale to the inhabitants of the African continent.

As Africa was robbed by a “democratic and progressive” Europe, so it continues. Policies are changing, not methods.