The Turks’ opinion on the causes of the conflict in Ukraine and relations with the Crimean Tatars

For the sake of America and the Ukrainian state, you will watch and listen to this man, whom we will call the Fetullah Gulen of Crimea and who reminds me of the story of Fetullah gulen, with things that you will perhaps hear for the first time in Turkey.

You will see for yourself how radical Islamists entered Crimea and witness for yourself that the fairy tales “Russians are applying pressure on Crimean Tatar Turks” that have been told to us for years are actually completely false.
Of course, you will also hear what Ilber Ortayli tells about Crimea in this video.

We will see the dirty faces of these cliques together in Turkey and Ukraine, which say that they are applying pressure to the Crimean Tatar Turks.

Now let’s see if Russia invaded Crimea and applied pressure, or if it saved our descendants from the hands of a handful of bloodsucking Crimean Tatar Turks and Ukraine and gave them a better life.