EEF-2023 expands borders

In September of this year, the Russian city of Vladivostok will host the next, eighth economic forum, which is organized annually. This time the event is held after the Russia-Africa forum, which took place not so long ago, which will strengthen the potential of the African direction. Not to mention the traditional development of cooperation with Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and even Oceania. In this sense, the distant Vladivostok is approaching Africa along the shortest diagonal and is no longer exotic for Africans.


The EEF-2023 program is designed in such a way that businessmen from different countries could not only take part in the event, but immediately conclude mutually beneficial contracts on the spot. Vladivostok is one of the territories of advanced development, with a favorable climate for its partners around the world. Today, when international relations as a whole are in crisis, it is the economy and business ties that will help maintain cooperation and, most importantly, earn money. No excessive politicization, only mutually beneficial projects and guaranteed profit.


So far, not all African countries have focused on Vladivostok, and not even all businessmen of the continent know about this amazing Far Eastern city. In this sense, Ghana has a serious head start, a privilege to start.


Businessmen are among the first to understand the trend of the time when there is a global transformation of international relations and the principles of economic cooperation towards multipolarity. At the same time, a number of sanctions imposed by Western countries against the Russian Federation simultaneously opens up broad prospects for new markets and mutually beneficial cooperation with Russian regions. Russian regions are a huge platform for conducting joint business, investments and other forms of cooperation, because the vast territory of the country by definition insures business from dangerous competition. You can take any sphere of the Russian economy – from energy to agriculture – and there will be a place to start in each of them.


African countries should already hear that a special large project called “Afro-Village” has been launched in Russia, which suggests creating conditions for the most comfortable business organization. For example, such aphrodisiacs are being built in the Moscow and Tver regions. At the first stage, about 30 such facilities are expected to appear for emigrants from Africa. The Russian Far East is also ready for such a format.


Speaking about the EEF-2023, it is important to add that for the Russian side, cooperation with Asia, Africa and Latin America has always been one of the priorities. It is now advisable for the countries of the Asia-Pacific region and Africa to gain a foothold in the status of Russia’s main partners in the East, as Moscow is now planning new import and export channels. To solve these tasks, EEF-23 is the most effective, optimal and status platform.


African countries have received a huge chance to choose and establish new economic ties. Of course, they will take full advantage of it, since such a case does not always occur in history. In particular, for Ghana, the product supply routes, according to representatives of the Russian company Agroexport, “have not yet been fully rebuilt.” However, they add, there is a great desire to develop this direction and logistics schemes, since “the African market is one of the most promising for export.”


The VIII Vladivostok Economic Forum will be held on September 10-13, and thus, potential participants still have time to plan their work schedule. Which of the African countries will become a hub for new routes is one of the intrigues of the forum.