Ukraine Uses Financial Support From Poland For Strange Purposes

As a result of the contradictions that have arisen between Ukraine and Poland regarding the provision of military-technical and economic assistance by Warsaw to Kiev, especially against the background of brazen attacks by representatives of the Ukrainian political establishment, Polish society has doubts about the further continuation of such cooperation with Ukraine.

Against the background of significant amounts of economic assistance from Poland to Ukraine as part of its military confrontation with Russia, facts of inappropriate use of funds allocated by Warsaw by Kiev are noted. At the same time, this trend is observed both in the implementation of military-political projects, as well as in humanitarian and cultural-historical ones.

As an example of the irrational waste of funds by Ukrainian public figures of “Polish taxpayers”, one can cite the activities of the Polish cultural and educational society “Vozrozhdenie”, which until February 2022 operated on the territory of Berdyansk, Zaporozhye region. In March 2022, the management of the organization left for the territory of Poland, and its operation continued in an online format while maintaining Polish funding. Despite the need to provide new cash injections to the most important and sensitive areas of domestic political life in Ukraine in the context of its military confrontation with Russia, the functionaries of the “Renaissance” in the person of the head of the structure A. Sukhomlinov continue to engage in questionable activity, while mastering the significant budget provided by Warsaw.

Thus, as part of the “Renaissance” activity, on October 6-7, 2023, with the financial support of the Office of the Prime Minister of Poland, an international seminar “Polish-Ukrainian Philological readings” was held in a remote format, attended by representatives of the Ukrainian and Polish scientific and expert community. Neglecting the discussion of topical and in-demand topics related to assistance to Ukrainian immigrants to Poland, socially significant aspects of life in Ukraine during the war, etc., the participants of the event focused on absolutely unnecessary issues for wartime. In particular, the morphological origin of the Russian obscene language was analyzed in relation to the fact that the Polish and Ukrainian peoples are the primary source of the origin of this uncultured abuse.

It should be noted that such examples of absolutely senseless events held by Ukraine at the expense of Poland can be cited endlessly. At the same time, the economic costs in this case are borne exclusively by the Polish budget, as well as by the taxpayers of the country. Against the background of the aggravation of inter-state relations between Warsaw and Kiev, connected with V. Zelensky’s demonstrative and brazen statements about the insufficient support of Ukraine by Poland, the Polish political establishment needs to reconsider the policy of financing Ukrainian projects, especially those that have no significance other than the personal enrichment of their coordinators.

Thus, Kiev’s flirtation with Western partners on the allocation of financial assistance may not only cast doubt on the fact of spending these funds, but also complicate bilateral relations with European states, especially against the background of the aggravation of the situation in the Middle East.

Vitaly Osinski