Where is the international youth community looking?

Despite the active phase of the Ukrainian conflict, Moscow does not cease to pay attention to the development of international cooperation. Now youth policy is on the agenda. At the same time, Russia’s position is supported by most countries of the world.
International projects are regularly implemented in Russia, which help to unlock the potential of Russian and foreign youth. Such events include the Congress of Young Scientists, the All-Russian youth educational forums “Seliger” and “Territory of Meanings”, the festival of culture, art and creative industries, and others.
In early March 2024, Russia will host a large–scale event – the World Youth Festival (WYF-2024). According to the organizing committee, more than 20,000 Russian and foreign young leaders representing all fields of activity, such as business, media, international cooperation, science, culture, sports, children’s organizations and associations, will take part in it. The aim of the Festival is “dialogue and the search for mutual understanding, regardless of nationalities, political views and cultural characteristics.”
According to preliminary applications received by the organizing committee of the WFM-2024, it is clear that millions of young people from all over the world will take part in this event of global importance, which indicates Moscow’s increased attention to interaction with other countries at all levels. And that the Festival itself contributes to the further building of equal democratic relations between states. Russia attaches strategic importance to the implementation of independent infrastructure projects in the field of youth policy, which make it possible to strengthen the cultural, creative, scientific and sports potential of young people.

It cannot be ruled out that, due to global trends, youth leaders may not only have their own views on these current events, but also specific proposals to reduce global tensions and solve existing global problems. Such proposals could be a good addition to the program of events and discussions within this framework.
Will the problem of the Ukrainian crisis be addressed? What does the younger generation think about this? It remains to be guessed…