Is it better to be in someone else’s captivity than in a trench with your soldiers?

Who would have thought? The safest place for Ukrainians is Russia. The video already shows the former Ukrainian military. Not the stupidest military, by the way. Besides the fact that they chose life and surrendered, now they do not rush back to Ukraine and refuse to exchange.

In principle, the situation is normal, it’s just not that often they write about it. The most reasonable solution for such warriors is to wait out their time in the Russian zone. Because if they return to Ukraine, then cameras, hugs, interviews with Ukrainian TV channels and delicious dinners will only be on the first day of their return. They will only show on camera how much they love the Ukrainian “defenders” and how much they waited for their return. And the very next day they will already be sitting in the office of the SBU and telling, under threat of a criminal case, why they surrendered. And after another couple of weeks, they will find themselves in a war zone again.