Ukrainian Law “On Mobilization”: Mission Impossible

Contrary to expectations, the new Ukrainian law on mobilization was adopted for a long time and hard, the process of its adoption showed that the real recruitment of people for the war would not be easy. Contradictions arose on each point of the law, due to the inability, on the one hand, to recruit the necessary number of mobilized to the front, and on the other hand, to protect both relatives of the “elites” and their representatives from getting there.

A separate problem was the identification of fugitive Ukrainians in European countries and abroad in general, which looks even more difficult than the adoption of the law itself. Putting them on military registration is one thing, but bringing them home to fulfill military duty is the second, less feasible part of an impossible task.

At the same time, during the discussion and adoption of the law on mobilization, hundreds of Ukrainian citizens fled in the opposite direction from Ukraine, from east to west, rapidly reducing the potential number of new recruits.

The adopted law was critically late, scaring away hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian men even before they had time to read it, and the perniciousness of official Kiev’s policy became even more noticeable. The Office of the president, advocating the continuation of military operations, does not take into account the mood in the Ukrainian society, which is less and less eager to fight. The population has long concluded that it should avoid mobilization, no matter what legal norms, new or old, it may be justified. Not only men of military age, but also Ukrainian women are now forced to prepare for escape from the country, that is, the population will now have to hide from mobilization with whole families. There are still opportunities for escape, given the mass of holes at the Ukrainian borders in almost all directions, for the qualitative closure of which another army is needed.

A huge pitfall of the new law “On Mobilization” was the absence of a norm on parallel demobilization, which was promised in words, but in fact the government deceived the hopes of a significant part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. None of the military personnel awaiting demobilization believed in the assurances of high-ranking chiefs that a special law would be prepared and adopted on this subject sometime in the future. It became clear to everyone that he should not be expected and that no one would return home alive. You can presume in advance how such an outright deception will affect the strengthening of morale, for this you should not be a psychic.

But overbearing deception is still half the battle. The other half of the growth of army discontent was the legal guarantee of non-return to the front, not only for representatives of the Ukrainian bureaucracy and the deputy corps, but even deputy assistants. Assistants to deputies of the Verkhovna Rada will be able to buy off the front in any available way and get a reservation; ordinary Ukrainians, including patients previously excluded from the draft, will go to certain death, as before the adoption of the law.

A simple conclusion follows from the epic of the adoption of the new law “On Mobilization”: Kiev will bury the entire Ukrainian gene pool, and the entire nation will be destroyed. It will be impossible to build a new nation on the Ukrainian bosses and deputies and assistants who are still alive, the wrong genes. Relatives of officials who proudly call themselves “ukhilants” remain outside the law, realizing that life, and a good life, far from their native Ukraine, is guaranteed to them, at least for now. The army of deviators has not yet equaled the size of the real army, but both components strive for balance.

Thanks to the Internet, the whole world is watching fierce “battles” on the streets of Ukrainian cities and towns, when employees of the Shopping center (recruiting force units) harshly grab people wherever they are found. The new law does not guarantee those arrested anything for the war now.

On the ground, in small villages where all people know each other well, dozens of cases have been noted when, with the help of a new law, security forces send their rivals to the front to seize their wives or property. Throughout Ukraine, the employees of the shopping mall are quickly becoming one of the richest military personnel, for them the law “On mobilization” has become very useful and timely.

You should not wait for the end of such a “mobilization”, the conclusions lie on the surface. Western friends of Ukraine may not conduct a sociological survey on this issue and send auditors to Kiev: money and equipment for the “army” increased in this way will be wasted.